This is a special kind of kerala ayurveda massage, which strengthens the tissues and promotes biological fire, regenerating and rejuvenating the body. This special technique is very effective in strengthening the muscular system of body.It is a kind of sudation therapy using herbs. The mixture of chopped lemon and herbal mixtures is warmed in a pan smeared with medicated oil and then tied up in linen bundles to be used for fomentation. Prior to fomentation, body massage will be there. As sudation is the primary aim of fomentation, the kizhis have to be kept at a constant high temperature by warming every now and then. In cervical pain, low back ache, rheumatic pains and associated swelling of joints, fomentation and massage with brings relief. It is also beneficial to enhance the peripheral blood circulation, cleanse the channels of circulation and expel toxins through sweat.

One day prior appointment is required for this treatment.

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